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Panel Trustees and attorneys appointed under the Criminal Justice Act who have court-authorized fee-exempt PACER accounts are reminded that the fee exemption only applies for limited purposes. Any transfer of data obtained as a result of a fee exemption is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the court. Therefore, fee-exempt PACER users must refrain from the use of software that shares or transfers electronic court records to third parties.

Privacy Notice

Electronically filed documents are accessible to the public on the Internet unless filed under seal or in restricted-access cases. Under FedRBankP 9037, as amended December 1, 2007, parties filing documents must refrain from including or redact personal data identifiers, including social security numbers, names of minor children, dates of birth, and financial account numbers. Contact our Help Desk 866-358-6201 if you are unsure how best to comply with this rule to protect the personal identification information for your clients.

E-Mail ECF Help Desk Bankruptcy Court: bankruptcy_ecf_helpdesk@txs.uscourts.gov

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